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Colorado Medicaid Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

Do you have Medicaid of Colorado? 180 Medical is a trusted supplier of incontinence supplies, as well as catheters and ostomy products. Plus, we’re in-network with Colorado Medicaid. If you’re looking for a reliable company to get your incontinence products covered through Medicaid, we’re ready to turn your life around with top-quality products and the best customer service experience around.

Does Colorado Medicaid Cover Incontinence Supplies?

Yes, Colorado Medicaid does cover certain types of incontinence products. However, in order for the Colorado Medical Assistance Program to reimburse, they do require a valid prescription with a primary or secondary diagnosis of incontinence.

If you haven’t already, It’s a good idea to see your prescribing healthcare practitioner and discuss your symptoms. This way, you can also receive a proper diagnosis and discuss your product needs with a doctor.

Incontinence Products

Which Incontinence Supplies Can I Get Through Colorado Medicaid?

Currently, Colorado Medicaid guidelines dictate that they will cover up to 240 incontinence products per month in any combination of adult diapers, liners, and other undergarments. Any amount over that allowable limit will require prior authorization.

However, since diapers for children from newborn to 4 years old are considered an expected expense during childhood, these products are not eligible for reimbursement through Colorado Medicaid. In addition, they will not cover incontinence wipes.

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How Do I Get My First Order of Incontinence Supplies?

Ready to get started? 180 Medical’s Incontinence Specialists are here to help you every step of the way. After verifying your coverage, we can also handle obtaining any documentation your Medicaid plan requires, such as a prescription and any supporting doctor’s notes.

Next, we can talk about your product needs. Together, we’ll custom-tailor an order of incontinence supplies that fit your needs! Contact us during business hours to experience the service that our customers highly review.


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Insurance Guide for Incontinence Supplies

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