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Connecticut Medicaid Coverage for Catheter Supplies

Connecticut Medicaid Catheter Supplies CoverageDo you have Connecticut Medicaid (also known as HUSKY Health)? Are you also looking for a dependable catheter supply provider? 180 Medical is here to serve you.

At 180 Medical, we specialize in providing intermittent catheters as well as ostomy products. We work hard to give you the best service experience possible, along with compassionate support. We’re in-network with all 50 state Medicaids, including Connecticut Medicaid and hundreds of other insurance plans.

Does Connecticut Medicaid Cover Catheter Supplies?

Wondering if you can receive your catheter supplies through your HUSKY Health Connecticut Medicaid coverage? Medicaid of Connecticut does cover intermittent catheters.

However, in order to receive your catheters at 180 Medical, you must also have Medicare coverage. The Connecticut Medicaid plan then acts as a supplement to Medicare coverage.
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How Many Catheters Can I Receive Through HUSKY Health?

HUSKY Health Connecticut Medicaid plans follow Medicare guidelines. In other words, that means a covered individual with both Medicare and Medicaid could be eligible to receive up to 200 intermittent straight catheters and 200 sterile lubricant packets.

However, the amount you can receive will depend on your doctor’s prescription. For example, if you are directed to catheterize three times per day, then you would only be eligible to receive up to 90 catheters per monthly order.

The good news is that you don’t have to figure out your insurance coverage on your own. Give us a call. 180 Medical has insurance experts and Catheter Specialists on staff who know insurance coverage and catheter supplies inside and out. We can help you every step of the way.

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Where to Get Catheters Through Connecticut Medicaid

180 Medical’s Catheter Specialists are glad to help you get the ball rolling on getting your catheter supplies through your Connecticut Medicaid plan. We’ll verify your coverage and work to obtain prior authorization and any medical documentation they may require from your doctor’s office.

In addition to our thorough set-up process and reliable shipments, we listen to your needs and preferences to customize an order that truly fits your unique needs.

Contact us during business hours to get started.

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