Minnesota Medicaid Coverage for Incontinence Supplies

If you live in Minnesota and have Medicaid, you’re probably wondering if you have an option to receive incontinence products as a covered benefit. We have the information you need!

Minnesota Medicaid Incontinence CoverageAre Incontinence Supplies Covered by Minnesota Medicaid?

Yes, Minnesota Medicaid does cover incontinence supplies. Current guidelines dictate that eligible beneficiaries with Medicaid of Minnesota may be able to receive incontinence products including:

  • Disposable adult incontinence briefs or diapers
  • Pediatrics briefs or diapers
  • Pull-on protective underwear
  • Disposable liners, shields, male guards, or female bladder control pads
  • Absorbent underpads (also known as chux)

Incontinence SuppliesHow to Get Your First Order of Incontinence Supplies through Minnesota Medicaid

First, make sure you see your doctor. In order to be eligible, you will need a valid diagnosis and prescription. In addition, Minnesota Medicaid may require additional doctor’s notes to back up the diagnosis.

Depending on your individual condition and how heavy or light your urinary or bowel incontinence issues are, be aware Medicaid of Minnesota will also allow a certain number of units per calendar month. For instance, current Minnesota Medicaid guidelines dictate that you may receive up to 300 units of adult briefs per month.

For more information, 180 Medical’s friendly and knowledgeable Incontinence Specialists for more information. We’ll gladly work with you to fully customize an order that fits your unique needs.

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