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Ohio Medicaid Coverage for Catheters

Ohio Medicaid Coverage for Catheter Supplies

ohio medicaid catheter coverage

Do you have Ohio Medicaid? If you need catheters, your products may be covered. 180 Medical specializes in catheter supplies, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Does Ohio Medicaid Cover Catheters?

Depending on your eligibility, Ohio Medicaid may cover your intermittent catheter supply needs.

However, in order to cover your catheters, Ohio Medicaid may require documentation from your prescribing doctor.

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Do I Need a Prescription to Get My Catheters Covered by Ohio Medicaid?

Yes, catheters are a prescription-only item. Ohio Medicaid will require a prescription from your doctor for the supplies you need.

Also, Ohio Medicaid may request more supporting documentation, such as medical progress notes.

In addition, if you need coudé catheters, Ohio Medicaid will request a process of Prior Authorization to approve this type of catheter. This is because coudé catheters are typically only approved for use in cases when straight tip catheters are not able to be passed normally.

Don’t worry about all these requirements though. Once you’ve seen your doctor, 180 Medical is happy to do the groundwork to get any documentation from your physician. Also, we’ll handle contacting Ohio Medicaid to verify your coverage and eligibility.

How Many Catheters Can I Receive Through Ohio Medicaid?

Depending on your prescription, you may be eligible to receive up to 200 catheters per month. However, this will be based on your prescription on file.

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How to Get Home-Delivery Catheter Supplies Through Ohio Medicaid

180 Medical is the top choice for many doctors and medical professionals across the country to handle their patients’ catheter needs. In addition to Medicaid of Ohio, we’re contracted with hundreds of insurance plans, including Medicare and many private insurance plans.

180 Medical works hard to earn a reputation as one of the most reliable medical supply providers today. We’ll be glad to help you find the catheter supplies you need while offering you a choice from a wide selection of top brands and types of catheter products.

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