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Cure Medical Releases Cure U Pocket Catheter

by Jessica October 14 2013 12:06
Cure Medical has recently released a new product: the Cure U Pocket Catheter! This male length intermittent catheter combines Cure’s top quality along with flexibility and a convenient and discreet U-shaped packaging. The curved packaging can be really helpful for men who wish to discreetly take their catheter products without having to carry a bag or tote with them, and it is designed to fit easily in most pant pockets.

cure medical pocket catheter

Straight catheters for men are normally packaged in a straight parcel, which are usually at least 16 inches or longer. With the Cure U, the curved catheter nearly halves the length of the packaging without sacrificing cure medical pocket catheterthe actual length or quality of the catheter. The Cure U was designed to be easily tucked into your pants pocket for a more discreet method of carrying a personal intermittent catheter with you wherever you go.

Like all of Cure's products, this catheter is not made with DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex, and Cure Medical donates 10% of net income towards a cure for spinal cord injuries and central nervous system disorders. It features smooth, polished eyelets to reduce friction as the catheter travels through the urethra.

The Cure U is available in straight tip, straight tip with lubricant included in the package, coudé tip with lubricant included, straight tip with insertion supplies packaged, and an extra long Cure U Pocket XL Catheter at 25 inches long and packaged with a gripper sleeve and lubricant.

 12fr   Straight tip, 16 inches 
 14fr   Straight tip, 16 inches
 M16U  16fr  Straight tip, 16 inches
 M14UL   14fr  Straight tip, 16 inches, packaged with lubricant packet
 M12ULC   12fr  Coudé tip, 16 inches, packaged with lubricant packet
 M14ULC  14fr  Coudé tip, 16 inches, packaged with lubricant packet
 M16ULC  16fr  Coudé tip, 16 inches, packaged with lubricant packet
 M14UK  14fr  Straight tip, 16 inches, packaged with insertion supplies 
 M14XL  14fr  Straight tip, Extra Long at 25 inches, packaged with lubricant packet and gripper sleeve 

Are you ready to try out a discreet pocket catheter like the Cure U?

Give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 and speak to one of our trained Catheter Specialists for more information.

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